Eating Disorder Symptoms Article


Eating Disorder Symptoms

Eating disorders have increased in numbers ever since the concept about perfect body image in females started changing. If you look at models who lived three or four decades back, you will notice how proud they were of curves which distinguished them with feminine character. However, the value system has shifted and taken a major leap from a few decades back where women started worshipping slim and thin body image. As a clear result of this societal value change, we find many young women in today’s society suffering from eating disorders.

Eating disorder symptoms are fairly easy to pin down. Although many people put the blame on media and extra thin models that spread the disease of shaping up women’s bodies, some claim that there is a genetic component involved. When we analyze eating disorder symptoms, it is fairly easy to spot out the psychological base connected to these symptoms as well. So let’s explore some very basic eating disorder symptoms that can be openly seen in today’s society.

If someone you know has dramatically loss weight over a very brief period of time, it is fair to assume that this person is showing some eating disorder symptom. These people would often complaint about their body size and weight even if they are average size. You will also see these people shifting from body fit outfits to baggy clothing. If you ever go out for dinner with someone with eating disorder symptoms, you will see that she will be obsessed with the amount of calories in food.

Some eating disorder symptoms are coupled up with excessive exercises where the person will strain herself continuously until she sees some visible results in her body. If you find any of your family members starving themselves purposely and ignoring food they once used to love, you should consider it as eating disorder symptoms.

Some people who show eating disorder symptoms will also experience constipation and/or incontinence. These are considered extreme reaction of the body which tries to adjust to secretive eating patterns the person exercises. These people would also want to appear normal at any given time so if you find them reading a lot about eating disorders and losing weight, it is fair to suspect that they have a problem which may be possibly leading to an eating disorder. Additionally, people who are obsessed with their body image will further show eating disorder symptoms such as loss of sexual drive, blood shot or bleeding in the eyes, bruising under cheeks, calluses knuckles, mood swings, depression and etc.


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